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Nostalgic but modern village-like Inn ”Hoshinoya Karuizawa”

Nostalgic but modern village-like Inn
”Hoshinoya Karuizawa”

Another style of Japan

About 15 minutes by car from Karuizawa Station, ”Hoshinoya Karuizawa” is nestled at the foot of Asama Mountain in a lushly green valley. What catches the eyes of visitors is the landscape of the beautiful ”village” reflected on the surface of the water. The cottage-style guest rooms called ”Mizunami” are built on the side of Yukawa River which flows through the resort. The rooms are designed so that the guests can fully enjoy the beautiful nature in the comfort of their rooms.
A spacious sofa is set by the window, and the view of paper lanterns floating in the river can be seen at night.
The vast property is connected by winding alleys. On the hills stand guest rooms called ”Yamaroji”, and in the calm of mountains ”Niwaroji” rooms, each with its own tsuboniwa (courtyard) are located.
The concept of the resort, ”village”, was originally one of the social structures that Japanese people have carried on. By changing the original village style to fit modern lifestyle, the resort became a comfortable place to stay – another style of Japan.

Enjoy hot springs during your stay

The history of Hoshino Resort goes back to Kunitsugu Hoshino, the primary manager of the resort, who discovered the hot spring.
It has been told that there were points along Yukawa River where warm water flowed out. Hoshino Onsen, located along this blessed river, was popularly known as ”Akaiwa (red rock) Onsen” during the Meiji Era, with a precious hot spring that revived beautiful skin after bathing. Many people stopped by for hot spring cure for diseases, and that gave people the idea to dig for more hot springs and develop Karuizawa as a Hot Springs resort.
There are two bathing facilities at Hoshino Resort, ”Tonbo-no-yu” and ”Meditation Bath”. ”Tonbo-no-yu” has a big indoor bath and an outdoor bath, and lets you relax and enjoy the colors of the season while bathing in skin-curing spring.
”Meditation Bath” is said to be the bath to bring back your natural self and calmness. The temperature of the bath is set low to meditate and to sharpen your senses.

From the time of its founding, Hoshinoya has considered it important to harmonize nature and people, and now offers a variety of activity programs. One of them, ”Eco-Tour” includes bird watching and astronomical observations while enjoying a walk in rich nature. Seasonal plans such as ”backcountry skiing” and ”Bouga No Touryu (sojourn of trance)” plans, which is a full-fledged climbing experience followed by heavenly relaxation in the superb spa attract many guests.

The power of Japanese ”sake” ”Ginjo Toryu”

The resort’s spa, which looks as if it is floating over water, offers various treatment menus for guests who want to relax both body and soul. Nakata experienced an unusual spa menu which uses ”Ginjo Toryu” ”sake”.

Guests enjoy seasonal ”sake” in their room, and savor the marriage of Japanese cuisine and ”sake”. Then, after soaking themselves in a cypress bath filled with ”sake”, they can receive massage treatments using an oil using the lees. The components contained in the ”sake” have an anti-aging effect, and is called ”drink massage” because it promotes blood circulation. The menu allows the entire body to take advantage of the benefits. Even for Nakata who has visited a number of breweries so far, this was a new discovery in the benefits of ”sake”.

”Hoshinoya Karuizawa” created a new style of residential hot spring inn by blending new lifestyles and construction with the old lifestyles and cultures, like woodland, river, rice terrace, and village settlements. It is an inn where guests can get away from hasty everyday life and enjoy a special time in nature.


Hoshinoya Karuizawa
Hoshino, Karuizawa Machi, Kitasaku-Gun, Nagano Prefecture