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Tokushima is located in the east portion of Shikoku, about 80% of the land occupied by forests. There are mountain ranges more than 1000m high, and various climate types can be seen in each area. The northern part belongs to the Seto Inland climate and has little precipitation. On the other hand, the southern part belongs to the Pacific climate and is known to have one of the heaviest rainfall in the whole country.

”Sudachi”- Tokushima citrus fruit that is good for your health
”Sudachi”, needless to say, is a well known specialty of Tokushima and has attracted a lot of attention for its health benefits. Recent research shows that ”sudachi” can reduce blood sugar, helps reduce salt intake, and its scent can calm the senses.
The soul dances! ”Awa Dance”!
”Awa Dance” is a summer spectacle of Tokushima that is said to have a history of about 400 years. Tourists gather from all over the country during the festival to experience the excitement.
This traditional performing art, the pride of Tokushima, is spreading throughout Japan with many similar festivals and ”Awa Dance” clubs all over the country.
No.1 producer of ”sukumo” - raw material for indigo dyeing
”Ai” or indigo plant is an annual plant of the knotweed family. Cultivated ”ai” leaves are dried and fermented to produce ”sukumo” which is used for indigo dyeing or ”aizome”.
Passing on the tradition of making ”sukumo” helps to maintain the beauty of ”aizome”.

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