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Revalue Nippon No.12


The Chugoku mountain range creates a roof over the northern portion of the prefecture, with the three main rivers of Okayama flowing into the Seto Inland Sea - Yoshii River, Asahi River and Takahashi River. The rainfall is very limited, and Okayama is known fondly as ”Okayama - the land of sunshine”.

Famous for juicy, sweet peaches!
Okayama is known for its long days and warm climate, making it the perfect environment for peach growing. The prefecture has the highest production of the popular ”Shimizu Hakuto” variety, and is also known for the fable of ”Momotaro”.
”Kojima Chiku in Kurashiki city” famous for made in Japan denim
The textile industry is quite active in Okayama, with a high volume of school uniforms made in the area. In the 70’s, Okayama picked up on the huge denim culture in the U.S. and began creating domestic jeans. The region is renowned for creating the highest quality denim, making it a valuable source for top brands both within and outside of Japan.
”Bizen-yaki” - enjoying the deeply rooted culture of pottery
”Bizen-yaki” pottery is considered one of the Six Ancient Kilns, and is characterized by the ”yakishime” method where no glaze is applied before high temperature firing. The pottery created by combining clay, people and flames is popular among many.

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