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Revalue Nippon No.09


The Chugoku Mountains run across the center of the prefecture which is split up into 3 main regions: the Seto Inland Sea region, the inland mountains region, and the Sea of Japan region.
The climate is mostly mild, and the beaches along the 1500 km coastline each have distinct features.

Abundant seafood - No. 1 producer of delicacies such as Pufferfish
Shimonoseki is known as the top producer of wild Japanese Pufferfish and Grass Pufferfish. Pufferfish are bred in Kyushu as well as nearby prefectures, and the whole lot is sent to Yamaguchi for processing before being shipped all around the country.
Yamaguchi also ranks among the top inTilefish and Monkfish production.
”Hagi city” - a city where traditions live on gracefully
Hagi thrived during the Edo period as the center for the Choshu domain, and is home to historic remains such as Hagi Castle, samurai residences, merchant homes, and old temples. ”Hagi-yaki”has been a long time favorite of ”sado” practitioners, and is an artform representative of Yamaguchi which continues to be created to this day.
Karst platform and limestone caverns at Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park
Akiyoshidai, Japan’s largest Karst platform, is located in the center of the prefecture, and there are numerous limestone rocks scattered throughout.
There are more than 450 limestone caverns underneath the platform, created by the limestone being eroded by rainwater, and ”Akiyoshido Cave” is a majestic sight of nature to be enjoyed.

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