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Facing Toyama Bay which is abundant in seafood, mountains of the Northern Alps which exceed 3000 meters soar high above the plains of Toyama and Tonami, and the area is well known for the high snowfall resulting from the climate unique to the Sea of Japan climate zone.
Fresh, mineral rich water flows throughout the year from the many mountains, providing a precious resource for the entire region, supporting local residents and industry.

Glaciers exist in Japan! In Toyama
Tateyama Mountain Range was recognized as the first glacier in Japan in 2012, after it was confirmed that 3 ice formations in Sannomado and Komado perennial ice patch in Mount Tsurugi, and Gozenzawa perennial snow patch in Mount Oyama are ice masses which have formed over many years and are moving slowly.
Nation’s top producer of tulip bulbs
Toyama boasts the No. 1 production of tulip bulbs which began in the Taisho era. There are now about 250 different varieties resulting from ongoing cross-breeding.
Food culture using ”konbu” (seaweed)
Toyama has a high consumption of ”konbu” seaweed which is used for wrapping rice balls (”tororo konbu” and ”oboro konbu”) and flavoring ”sashimi” (”kobu-jime”).
”Konbu” from the Hokkaido area was introduced into the local food culture during the Edo and Meiji eras when trading vessels frequently travelled up and down the Sea of Japan.

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Japanese style inn restricted to 3 groups per day, extending ”omotenashi” style hospitality
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