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Oita prefecture is surrounded by Fukuoka in the northwest, Kumamoto in the west, Miyazaki in the south, and it faces Bungo Channel in the east. It has a complex and intricate terrain, with different climate types such as Setouchi type, Pacific coast type and Inland Mountain type seen in each region.
It is said that the name ”Oita” comes from the word ”Okita” which means ”many rice paddies”.

  • Okuyufuin Kougen Resort Okujuku Buaiso

    Surrounded by the great nature of Okuyufuin, the ”onsen” hotel offers an environment where you can fully relax. Enjoy the lush green of nature during the day, and the star-filled sky at night.
    1240-32, Yufuincho Tsukawara, Yufu-Shi, Oita