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Revalue Nippon No.22


One sixth of the entire prefecture is taken up by Lake Biwa, with Fukui to the north, Gifu in the east, Mie in the southeast, and Kyoto to the west. The northern portion of the prefecture has a Sea of Japan climate typical of the Hokuriku region, while the southern portion has a combination of the Pacific Ocean climate and Seto Inland Sea climate.

Number 1 in the nation - Lake Biwa
Lake Biwa has a perimeter of 235.2 km, covers 670.25k㎡ and has a total volume of about 27.5 billion ㎥, and is the largest and oldest lake in Japan.
There are 15 species of fish and 29 shellfish species that are endemic to Lake Biwa. It serves as a vital source of water for the residents in the area.
Protecting beautiful sounds - No. 1 producer of instrument strings.
The strings used for Japanese instruments such as ”koto” and ”shamisen” are still made using traditional techniques.
The silk removed from the silkworm is carefully processed by hand to create instrument strings that yield a beautiful sound.
Land of pottery, home to Shigaraki ware
Shigaraki is one of the 6 traditional kilns in Japan.
The area is abundant in fine soil, making Shiga a center of pottery production. There are continued efforts to educate a new generation of artisans as well as in researching new methods and techniques.

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