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Revalue Nippon No.19


Osaka is surrounded by mountains in the north, south and east, while the western portion is a curved terrain that opens into Osaka bay. It belongs to the Seto Inland Sea climate, with stable weather patterns throughout the year. Osaka is the second smallest among the 47 prefectures, but is the third most populated following Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Satellites and engines
- small town technology that drives the world!
Factories are concentrated in the area around Higashi Osaka city. As a ”City of Manufacturing”, unique ideas and technologies are driving new business throughout the world.
”Sakaiuchi Hamono”(Sakai Cutlery) - granted the shogunate government stamp of guarantee ”gokuin”
”Sakai Cutlery” is designated as a traditional craft of Osaka, and was designated as a government monopoly by the Edo shogunate to be sold nationwide.
Using advanced ”forging” and ”blading” techniques, the knives and cutlery are a favorite among many professional chefs.
Pride of Osaka citizens - ”Osaka Castle”
The construction of Osaka Castle was started by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. During the Sengoku period, it was renowned for its sturdiness. It has been rebuilt many times, and the 3rd generation castle tower, which remains today, has 7 floors above the ground and 2 floors underground, with a total height of 54.8 m.
After being destroyed during the Second World War, it was reconstructed by a huge donation from the citizens.

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