”Saiounomiya” where you can become ”Saiou” who served the Goddess Amaterasu Omikami

where you can become ”Saiou” who served the Goddess Amaterasu Omikami

What is life as a ”Saiou”?

Saiou refers to ladies who served Amaterasu Omikami in Ise Jingu on behalf of the emperor and performed religious act of offering ”Otamagushi (paper hang on Sakaki tree)” to the shrine and has been said to have existed for about 660 years from Kasuga, Nara period to Kamakura period.
Saiou is said to have lived in Saiguu located in current Meiwa town, Taki-gun in Mie prefecture about 10km away from Amaterasu Omikami where they went 3 times a year for the ceremony. Apart from attending to the ceremony, the life of Saiou compared to ordinary citizen, was very elaborate and played shell matching game, recite poetry and boating.
”Saiounomiya” is a hotel that Nakata stayed during his time in Mie prefecture and it is where they recreated Saiguu and can feel like being Saiou.

Spending relaxing and luxurious time

When you step one foot into the hotel, you will encounter the corridor that reminds you of the Saiou’s age and murals of Saious, and 4 floors each with the theme of 4 seasons. It will feel like you went on a time slip.
And there are more scheme so you can feel like you are a Saiou physically and emotionally. You can chose the color and the pattern of the ”Yukata (bathrobe)” to suit your liking which is a necessity to relax in the hotel. Every room has been thought through so you will relax fully, such as canopy bed, outdoor bath with tub made out of Shigaraki Ceramics and fully equipped amenity from the ”Detaille la Maison” brand which is popular with ladies. You can truly experience being like ”Saiou”.
800 years after Kamakura period, ”Saiounomiya” is reborn in the current Heisei Era. The life living in Saiguu was not necessarily a happy once since they had to be parted from their loved ones and to give up your dream in order to serve their duties. However ”Saiounomiya” created in this Heisei era wishes you forget about the day to day duties and spend a luxurious time as a woman.


1165-1 Ikenokami, Souchiho, Ise, Mie Prefecture
URL https://www.saiounomiya.com/en/