NIHONMONODiscovering Japan [Nihon] through authentic craftsmanship [Honmono]


A mountain range made up of 2000 to 3000 m high mountains runs through the area, with a number of basins such as Nagano Basin, Matsumoto Basin and Ueda Basin nestled in between. The temperature difference between winter and summer, and night and day is significant. The amount of precipitation is low with inland (continental) climate. ”Nagano Olympics” was held in 1998, and the beautiful Japanese scenery was shared around the world.

  • Naraijuku

    Naraijuku was one of the most prospering post-station towns in Kisoji along the Nakasendo Road. The beautiful streets extend over a 1km range, and is a tourist site reminiscent of Japan during the Edo era.
  • Izutsu Wine Co., Ltd.

    Won a gold medal at an international contest with wine made from local merlot grapes grown in Nagano. Produces high-quality wine certified by ”Nagano Appellation Control”.
    1298-187 Soga Kikyogahara, Shiojiri-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Tomono Shuzo Company

    Produces premium ”sake”, ”Sawa-no-hana” fostered by the natural surroundings of Shinshu-saku area.
    123 Nozawa, Saku-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Seni Onsen Kasenan Iwa No Yu

    ”Onsen” inn with comforting ambience offering various types of baths such as the grand bath situated in a cave.
    3159 Oaza Nirei, Suzaka-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Auberge de Shezmari

    Relish the surroundings of Central Tateshina Highlands. A Japanese style inn which hosts only four groups a day.
    Karamatsudaira, Central Tateshina Highlands, Chino-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Masuichi Kyakuden

    An elegant Japanese style inn combining a traditional storehouse and wooden house structure with modern interior.
    815 Obuse-machi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Tobira Onsen Myojinkan

    A relaxing Japanese style inn situated in Yatsugatake-Chushin Kogen Quasi National Park
    8967 Iriyamabe, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Chikuma-no-yu Shigenoya

    100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives and luxurious hospitality of seasonal Japanese cuisine.
    3055 Oaza Togura-onsen, Chikuma-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Tateshina-indigo

    A Japanese style inn where you can experience indigo dyeing workshop and immerse yourself in the joy of Shinshu gourmet.
    Yokoyakyo, Tateshina-kogen, Chino-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Sakunohana Brewery

    Well-renowned sake made from the combination of rice, water and people, ”Sakunohana” is deeply rooted in Shinshu.
    620 Shimogoe, Saku-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Villa d’Est Gardenfarm and Winery

    A winery opened by essayist and artist Toyoo Tamamura. Guests enjoy great food, wine, and views of the vineyard from the adjacent café.
    6027 Kanou, Tomi-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Obuse Winery

    100% of the grapes for the wine are produced on the company vineyard. The flavor is a good pairing with Japanese cuisine, and quality control is strictly managed. Nakata was pleasantly surprised with the high quality of the grape juice produced at this winery.
    571 Oaza Oshiha, Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture
  • Izumiya Shoten

    Nakata had high praise for the apple ’miso’ and ’miso-senbei’ at this brewery.
    789-2 Iwamurada, Saku-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Uzuraya

    Well-known Togakushi-soba shop that carries on the tradition of Japanese cuisine in the Togakushi district.
    3356 Chusha, Nagano-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Rice farmers, Yoichiro and Kaori Ito

    ”A farmer’s daily visit to the paddy is the best fertilizer for the rice.” says Yoichiro Ito who practices ”Aigamo-noho” with loving care.
    2254 Niiyama-nishishita, Tomigata, Ina City Nagano Prefecture
  • Kitaya Miso Co.

    ”Yukimusume-miso” - homemade ”miso” without additives is the roots of home cooking in Shinshu.
    2-3-3 Tenryu-cho, Okaya-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Aozora-Yatai-no-Ouchi

    A place to enjoy the simple life! Savor the excellent curry full of natural ingredients.
    9068 Miasa, Omachi-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Togakushi Shrine

    Reminiscent of ”shugendo”, the shrine honors the gods of water and good harvest.
    Togakushi, Nagano-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Le sans a plus

    A french restaurant in a rural area where you can enjoy the bounties of nature. *Reservations and referrals only. Thank you for your understanding.
    Saku City, Nagano Prefecture
  • Imokawa Koji Limited

    ”Miso” from Kitashinano in Shinshu, made by ”Artisan of Shinshu-miso.” It is moist, with a robust aroma and smooth flavor.
    215 Oaza Ushiide, Nakano-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • Farmer Kazuo Suzuki

    Rice nurtured by the blessings of Chikuma River draws attention from gourmets around the nation.
    3599 Tokiwa, Iyama-shi, Nagano Prefecture
  • En Boca Karuizawa

    Popular restaurant in a forest where you can enjoy delicious smoked foods and pizza.
    1277-1 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture
  • Soba Sekizawa

    Homemade ”soba” made from only homegrown ”soba” grains or ”soba” from contracted farms.
    872-9 Nakamatsu, Obuse-cho, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture