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Saga is located in the Northwest portion of Kyushu and faces Fukuoka in the east, Nagasaki in the west, Genkai Sea in the north and Ariake Sea in the south.
The prefecture is full of nature with water flowing down into 2 oceans from mountain ranges like Sefuri, Tenzan and Tara which all stand more than 1000m high. Rice farming has long been a tradition in the Saga Plains.

Ariake Sea - No. 1 producer of farmed ”nori”
The tides and flow of water from the many rivers contribute to the diverse ecosystem in the tideland of the Ariake Sea. The nutrient rich ocean is suitable for farming ”nori”, and the area boasts the highest production of ”nori” in Japan.
Masterpieces of Arita, Imari and Karatsu pottery
Saga prefecture is known for its production of pottery. The first pottery in Japan was made in Arita city, using techniques that were passed on from the mainland and peninsulas, and the local pottery stone.
Techniques that have been cultivated over a long period continue to be followed to create unique pieces.
Excavation continues at the ”Yoshinogari ruins” archeological site
”Yoshinogari ruins” spans both Yoshinogari city in Kanzaki county and Kanzaki city in Saga prefecture, and a portion of the ruins is designated as a national park.
The ruins are a valuable resource for studying ancient lifestyles such as permanent settlements and rice cultivation which is said to have begun during the Yayoi period.

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