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Revalue Nippon No.20


Wakayama is located in the southern part of the Kii Peninsula with mountains making up about 80% of the prefecture. The northern part of the mountainous area belongs to the Seto Inland Sea climate, the southern part belongs to the Pacific side climate, and the southeastern part has one of the heaviest precipitation in Japan due to the ”kuroshio” current.

No.1 production of Japanese ”ume” plums
- making your mouth water!
”Ume” plum cultivation is said to have begun with support by the Kishu Tanabe clan during the Edo period. Minabe-cho and Tanabe-shi are the major production areas, and still boast the largest harvest in Japan. Wakayama brand ”Nankou Ume”is very popular because of the large size of and the thick flesh.
A fusion of nature and Buddhist faith - ”World Heritage, Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”
In 2004, three sacred sites and pilgrimage routes in Wakayama, Mie and Nara were designated UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, recognizing their role in passing on the traditions of religious and cultural development and exchange, and also for the unique historical sites and landscape.
A huge open-air bath by the river! ”Sennin-buro”
The Oto River which flows through the ”onsen” town of Kawayu, is long known for the hot springs that wells up from the river bed.
During November to February, when the water level in the river decreases, the river is stopped to make a huge open-air bath ”sennin-buro”, which attracts people from near and far.

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