River Retreat Garaku Club”, a healing inn combining art and nature

River Retreat Garaku Club", a healing inn combining art and nature

River Retreat Garaku Club

Do you know that there is a beautiful valley created by the Jinzu River in the south of Toyama City, near the border with Gifu Prefecture? The valley is one of the most scenic spots in Toyama Prefecture, and is designated as a Toyama Prefectural Park for its clear river flow and mountain ranges. River Retreat Garaku Club” is quietly located on the banks of the river, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of this rich natural environment from every corner.
It was originally opened in May 2000 with the concept of a “healing inn by the river. The main lobby was renovated in 2005 with the aim of creating a place where one can enjoy art, baths, and meals. The hotel was designed by architect Hiroshi Naito, who also designed the famous Japanese confectionery store Toraya Café in the Tokyo Station City Hotel and the Takata Matsubara Tsunami Reconstruction Memorial Park, which was partially completed in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture in 2019. In March 2021, a new “Garden Terrace” will be built along the shoreline, providing a relaxing space where guests can enjoy the seasonal scenery while feeling the flow of the river more closely. The new terrace is a relaxing space where visitors can enjoy the seasonal scenery while feeling the flow of the river more up close. Furthermore, it is the only ryokan in Toyama Prefecture to be featured in the “Michelin Guide Hokuriku 2021” as a 4 Red Pavilion ryokan.

There are 23 guest rooms in total. Each room has a different concept. The rooms are decorated with works by contemporary artists, making guests feel as if they are at an art exhibition. The suites with private saunas are also very attractive. The rooms are decorated with artwork that can only be seen in that particular room, so you can enjoy staying in a different room during each stay to find the one you like the best. The hotel also pays special attention to bedding. Horsehair bed pads and mattresses, which are considered the highest quality bedding material, are used in all guest rooms. A good night’s sleep in an art space and waking up refreshed the next morning will be a special experience that can only be had here.

A healing moment even at mealtime

Another attraction of River Retreat Garaku Club is the food, which can be enjoyed at two restaurants. At “Wasai Zensho Rakuumi,” the chef’s carefully selected local vegetables and seafood from Toyama, including firefly squid and white shrimp, are popular in kaiseki cuisine. Just the thought of having these dishes with Toyama’s locally brewed sake is enough to make one’s cheeks loose a little weight. The other is the French restaurant “Trezonier. The chef himself goes to the mountains and fishing ports to select the best seasonal ingredients. Both restaurants also use carefully selected contemporary artisanal tableware, allowing diners to enjoy the dishes while appreciating the tableware.

The baths are also a pleasure, and River Retreat Garaku Club has two large baths. The view of the Jinzu Gorge while soaking in the baths will be one of the most memorable parts of your trip. After soaking, it is recommended to further refresh yourself at the spa. Treatments using Chinese herbal oils and 100% natural essential oils are tailored to your physical condition and mood, and are a welcome treat that only Toyama, also known as the “Medicine Capital,” can offer. An inn like a museum in the midst of nature. The combination of art and nature creates an exquisite experience that can only be experienced here.


River Retreat Garaku Club
56-2 Kasuga, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
TEL 076-467-5550
URL https://www.garaku.co.jp/