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Revalue Nippon No.02


Kagoshima belongs to a humid subtropical and subtropical climate. Its unique character is called Shirasu plateau which is a landscape made up with the layers of volcanic ash and pyroclastic flow.
The prefecture has 11 active volcanoes spread out and is endowed with hot springs as well as many tourist sites like Sakurajima and World heritage site Okushima.

Makurazaki City - famous for Katsuobushi (Dried Bonito), an ingredient indispensable for Japanese cuisine
Kagoshima is the top producer of Katsuobushi and in particular, Makurazaki City has a long history of Katsuobushi production.
The ”Hongarebushi (a type of mature Katsuobushi)” produced in Makurazaki has been certified as a regional food brand ”Authentic and Genuine”, and it’s traditional production method and taste have been passed on through generations.
Satsuma Kiriko - Glassware with beautiful colors using Bokashi (Blur) technique.
Satsuma Kiriko was developed as a foreign trade item in the 19th century, and is considered an art representing Kagoshima’s traditional craftmanship. The colored glass is laid over clear glass, and by carving patterns with a technique called Kiriko, it creates a beautiful colored glass.
Beautiful natural environment that entices Sea turtles!
Kagoshima has numerous beaches where the sea turtle has chosen as nesting grounds.
In particular, Yakushima island famous for the century old Yakushima Cyprus, is a location where many sea turtles come to nest.
In order to protect the sea turtles, Kagoshima created a ”Sea Turtle Protection Regulation” which is the first regulation of it\'s kind created in Japan.

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