”Biwako Ryokusuitei” Private Open Air Bath Overlooking Lake Biwa

”Biwako Ryokusuitei”
Private Open Air Bath Overlooking Lake Biwa

Guest rooms overlooking Lake Biwa and Onsen

Otsu in Shiga is a popular city for tourists and accounts for about 40% of the accommodations available in the entire prefecture. ”Ogoto Onsen Biwako Ryokusuitei” is located in front of Lake Biwa in the Ogoto onsen town, welcoming guests with a large garden spanning 1.324 square kilometers.
The main feature is their onsen facilities. The large bath for men is called ”Genji” and the one for women is called ”Yudate”. Both are available to be enjoyed 24 hours a day, so guests can take a leisurely bath under the stars. There is also a special open-air bath in all of the guest rooms, so guests can relax as soon as they check into their rooFor people who want further luxury, there is an optional service of floating ”petals from 60 roses” upon advance request. (7 days in advance by 3pm. Price: 3150 yen)

Spending a relaxing time

Guests can stay at the ”Biwako Ryokusuitei” and enjoy marine sports at Lake Biwa or tour around the historical temples. Recommended for guests who want to relax in the hotel, is a plan where you can ”enjoy ”kaiseki” cuisine in your room served one dish at a time”. You can enjoy the exquisite cuisine made by the executive chef with the dishes served one at a time. Enjoy your specially made cuisine in your Japanese style room to your heart’s content.
Overnight packages differ according to the season. Touring tips for the season are introduced on the official ”Biwako Ryokusuitei” website and blog, so we recommend you check up on the latest information before planning your visit.


Biwako Ryokusuitei
6-1-6 Ogoto Otsu-shi Shiga
URL https://ryokusuitei.com/en/