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Kochi prefecture is located in the southern part of Shikoku and it spreads out like a fan. It faces Tosa Bay in the Pacific Ocean to the south and Shikoku mountain ranges with altitude of over 1,500 m in the north. The climate is mild throughout the year, but in the mountainous areas there is heavy rainfall, as well as occasional snow in winter.

Blessings of beautiful and vibrant clear waters!
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Kochi is the majestic and clear Shimanto River, which is very famous throughout the country. Also representing Kochi is Niyodo River, stretching 124 km long, and ranked No.1 in water quality in Japan. The absolute clarity and beauty of the water is loved by many, and is fondly referred to as ”the miraculous stream”.
Relish the bounties of the sea - Bonito caught by pole-and-line fishing
The ”kuroshio” current makes the sea a very rich fishing ground attracting many kinds of fish. It is a migration route for the bonito fish, and fishing by traditional pole-and-line fishing has been in practice since the Edo-period. Bonito is the most widely eaten fish in Kochi, where the home consumption of dishes such as ”katsuo no tataki” (seared bonito) is No.1 in Japan.
100 million years of the history of the Earth
- experience nature and culture at ”Muroto Geopark”
A zone within the Muroto Peninsula in the eastern part of Kochi is accredited as a Global Geoparks Network member, recognized for its international geological significance as an area which shows how the earth’s continental crust formed and other important natural features.
Experiential tours introducing local culture such as whale watching are very popular.

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