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Revalue Nippon No.17


Kagawa is located in the northeastern part of Shikoku, with the Sanuki mountain ranges in the south and the Sanuki Plain in the north. In the Seto Inland Sea, there are more than 110 large and small islands such as Shodoshima. Located within the Seto Inland Sea climate zone, it has many sunny days and very little precipitation.

Local products used for the famous ”Sanuki udon”!
Since ancient times, wheat cultivation has been an off-season crop in the paddy fields. Kagawa is also known for the production of salt, soy sauce and ”irico”. ”Sanuki udon” is made from these local specialties, and is an excellent example of Kagawa culture.
”wasanbon” - exquisite Japanese sugar made using traditional methods
”Wasanbon” is a kind of sugar produced using a 200-year old method in Kagawa and a part of Tokushima. Recently, it has been used not only for Japanese sweets but also for cakes and other sweets, as its exquisite taste becomes widely popular.
Cities x islands. Attractive lifestyle!
There are 24 inhabited islands in the Seto Inland Sea belonging to Kagawa Prefecture. These islands are connected by a short ship ride taking less than an hour from Takamatsu, Marugame and other urban areas, and each island has their unique culture and lifestyle.

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