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Located in northern ”Chugoku” region, Shimane prefecture faces the Sea of Japan, stretching out east to west in a narrow strip. The Oki Islands, made up of the Dogo Island and the Dozen Islands, are also a part of Shimane. Categorized within the coastal climate of the Sea of Japan, the east is ”Hokuriku” type climate, while the west is ”Northern Kyushu” type climate.

World Heritage “Iwami Ginzan” one of the world’s leading silver mines
Abundant in resources such as minerals and lumber, “Iwami Ginzan” was once a world-leading silver mine. It is now designated as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites as a cultural landscape coexisting in symbiotic harmony with nature.
“Lake Shinji” a freshwater lake, home of “Yamato shijimi”
Lake Shinji in Matsue city is a brackish water lake, with a mixture of sea water and fresh water. It is renowned as a habitat for “Yamato shijimi”, and also plays a major role in the ecological system for migrating waterfowl, and was designated as a Ramsar site along with adjacent Nakaumi in 2005.
“Iwami-yaki” pottery, traditional craftwork rooted in people’s lives
Typical “Iwami-yaki” pottery is the large water jugs used in households during the Meiji era, called the “oohando”. To create this large jug, a traditional technique called the “shino method” was used. Though changing over time, it is still used in modern times as practical and sturdy pottery.

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