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Revalue Nippon No.14


Ehime is located in the northwest portion of Shikoku. The southern region is surrounded by the Shikoku mountain range, while the coastline of the Seto Inland Sea and the Uwa Sea lines the northern to western regions. There are more than 200 islands that make up the prefecture, where one can enjoy both the ocean and mountains such as Mount Ishizuchi which stands at an impressive 1982 meters.

Warm climate perfect for citrus fruit
The prefectural flag is adorned with an orange flower, and Ehime is known for its ”mikan” production.
The warm climate is suitable for growing fruit, and Ehime accounts for 80% of domestic ”iyokan” variety production.
”Towels” that are soft and popular
Ehime is the top producer of towels in Japan. Made in the industrial area around Imabari city, the towels are known for the delicate process that produces the very soft texture and for stimulating local industry.
”Dogo Onsen” - a haven for ”onsen” enthusiasts
Dogo Onsen has a history of about 3000 years, and is considered the oldest in Japan. It is also one of the Three Ancient Springs.
Visitors come to enjoy the tasteful ambience of the quaint buildings and souvenir shops that line the ”onsen” town.

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