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Revalue Nippon No.04


Located in central Kyushu, you can enjoy magnificent view of both land and sea, Mount Aso with its world-class caldera, and Amakusa archipelago consisting of 120 islands of various sizes, all in Kumamoto. Climate varies depending on region but is primarily inland (continental) climate, well known for temperature difference between night and day or by season.

Aso Caldera! - Caldera known for its world-class size.
Aso Caldera, one of the largest in the world, extends 25 km north to south and 18 km east to west, and is a by-product of four major eruptions, each accompanied with massive pyroclastic flow.
Shodai-yaki care-free glazing adds character
Shodai-yaki is characterized by a rustic sturdy style using iron-rich clay. Glaze is ladled on to the product, creating a dynamic pattern that meshes well with the color and shape of the pottery.
Major producer of ”igusa” supporting the ”tatami” industry
Igusa is raw material for tatami facing. With only a few other places within Japan that produces ”igusa”, the region provides close to 90% of domestic production, and tatami produced in this area is used in key cultural facilities around the nation.

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Hotaru no Nagaya
Accommodates maximum of 5 groups per day, and all guest rooms are detached annexes. The water quality for the onsen is “alkaline pure sulfur spring”, said to make your skin nice and smooth. A hideaway inn for adults.
5206-7 Hirayama, Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto Pref.