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Coming in touch with Japanese Culture

Project to rediscover Japanese culture, launched by Hidetoshi Nakata.

After retiring from professional soccer,
Hidetoshi Nakata travelled around the world,
visiting more than 150 cities in 90 countries.

During his travels, Nakata found that Japanese culture was gaining recognition around the world,
with a renewed appreciation and value.
This made him question how much he really knew about Japan.

In the spring of 2009, he began visiting the 47 prefectures in Japan,
experiencing Japanese culture, traditions, agriculture and "monozukuri"
(Japanese culture of making and creating) first hand.
He continues to travel around the nation,
"rediscovering" the culture and skills that Japan can be proud of sharing with the world.

To ensure that Japanese culture is passed on and developed,
by creating an opportunity for as many people as possible to learn about it,
and enhancing its value in the process.

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