Auberge de Oishi (translator’s note: the website of the auberge says Oishi, not Ooishi), serving nouvelle cuisine of Yashima

Auberge de Oishi serving nouvelle cuisine of Yashima

From a French restaurant to an auberge

The Taira clan was brought to an end at Yashima in the Genpei War at the end of the Heian Period. Yashima is a plateau with a flat top, facing the Seto Inland Sea. It is a popular tourist spot with a warm climate and beautiful landscape. A french cuisine chef runs Auberge de Oishi with five guestrooms at the bottom of Yashima. It used to be a French restaurant, which was converted into the auberge in 2005. The elegant inn overlooks the sea, and is surrounded by greenery. Guests can enjoy tranquility at the hotel, as if they were staying in a rural part of South France. The interior decoration of the guestrooms is simple, sophisticated and calming.

Superb cuisine based on local food

Their specialty is food because they are an auberge. The chef goes to the Uoshin market every morning to get the best seafood in Takamatsu. The restaurant keeps about 100 natural wines from France and other countries that do not include antioxidants or other additives. The sommelier will choose the most suitable wine for dishes or according to guests preferences.
They serve homemade bread and jam that preserves the natural taste of the ingredients. The honey they use is from the beekeeper Nakata Yohojo in Takamatsu. The chef prepares nouvelle cuisine based on seasonal ingredients from Yashima. Local people love to come to the restaurant to celebrate special occasions.
The auberge has carefully selected everything at the inn, such as furniture and amenity goods. Guestrooms do not have a TV, so guests can retain the soul of a traveler. (TVs are available on request.) The inn is perfect for those who want to relax in a minimalistic but luxurious space.


Auberge de Oishi