Inn nestled in a mountain, rich with nature ”Yama Akari”

Inn nestled in a mountain, rich with nature
”Yama Akari”

Enjoying the rich ”beautifying hot spring water”

”Yama Akari” inn is nestled in a mountain full of the riches of nature, a place that is known for some of the most beautiful nature in Kyushu, where guests can enjoy relaxing in quality. It is said that Jofuku, who was given the mission from the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty to find a spiritual medicine for eternal youth and life discovered this hot spring. This old hot spring has 2200 years of history, its characteristic being the ”beautifying hot water” with its smooth texture. By listening to the flow of Kase River and gazing at the quiet mountains, guests can enjoy a most relaxing time full of bliss.

There are six guest rooms, with four types of bathtubs such as Japanese cypress, ceramic and non-barrier bath tub. The design is Japanese modern which makes one feel nostalgic and new at the same time. The meals feature locally acquired ingredients with Saga beef, lettuce produced in Fujicho, seafood caught in Karatsu and locally harvested ”Hinohikari” rice cooked in an old-fashioned pot. All dishes are prepared with the utmost care, and guests are bound to be satisfied with both portion and quality.


Yama Akari
792-1 Furuyu, Fujicho, Saga, Saga Prefecture