Aiming to be the Third Home for Guests, ”Nasu Bettei Kai”

Aiming to be the Third Home for Guests,
”Nasu Bettei Kai”


“Nasukougen no yado Sansuikaku”, Quality Lodge with the Warmth of Wood

Nasu Kogen is close to Tokyo metropolitan area, one of the most popular resort area in Kanto with numerous holiday homes and commercial facilities.
One of its charm may be in the number of characteristic “ryokans” (Japanese-style inns) placed in the natural surroundings. “Nasukogen no yado Sansuikaku” is a “ryokan” located in the woods a little away from Nasu Yumoto Onsen area. The “ryokan” has been in business from the early Showa era (around 1920s to 1940s), and for years, they have incorporated the idea of catering to private tourists rather than tourist groups. The concept of the main building being an “Japanese style inn build of wood”, it has a nostalgic and comfortable atmosphere owing to the warmth of wood. The guest rooms and bath are built and prepared in the old- fashioned Japanese style.

“Nasu Bettei Kai” Where Spending Time Without Restraints is Appreciated

Sansuikaku provides a villa as an alternative place for guests to say.
“Nasu Bettei Kai” aims to be a special resort, the third place where guests can retreat to. Away from home and workplace, Nasu Bettei Kai wishes to be the third place where their guests can truly spend their own time. All suites have a private bath with Shin Nasu Onsen hot spring water from Mount Chausu of the Nasu Renzan mountain range. Guests in each of the suites can spend luxurious time without interference. Both traditional materials, such as “washi” (handmade Japanese paper), japan, and old articles used throughout the building and the functional modern design incorporated, stage a pleasant mood. Whether spending time in the bath, or reading a book, guests can appreciate spending time freely as they wish, and the joy of it is pursued at Nasu Bettei Kai.

“Omotenashi”, Hospitality to be Savored Repeatedly

Nasu Kogen is famous for meat and dairy livestock. Is also blessed with a rich harvest from the mountains. So, fine cuisine is a thing to look forward to. The A5 rank “Nasu kuroge wagyu” (Japanese black cattle of Nasu) grown by contracted livestock farmers is one of the most important food materials produced in Nasu. “Shabu shabu” with “Nasu kuroge wagyu” is truly captivating. Additionally, freshwater fish from limpid streams are recommended form spring to summer. Rice grown in Tochigi, Miso made by soybeans grown in Tochigi, and dishes with seasonal ingredients that guests would want to eat everyday are prepared. “Especially for dinner, we aim to please customers with our cooking and hospitality.” This kind of consideration and the warm atmosphere may be the secret in creating tasteful cuisine. Nasu Bettei Kai is a resort where customers can fully enjoy not only comfort, but delightful “omotenashi” hospitality.


Nasu Bettei Kai
206 Yumoto Nasu-machi Nasu-gun Tochigi