An extraordinary experience ”Shukubo Fugenin”

An extraordinary experience
”Shukubo Fugenin”

Accepting people who come on Kumano pilgrimage

The inn is located in the sacred site of Shingon sect Buddhism which was opened by Kobo Daishi Kukai. It is also the location of the World Heritage Site, Mount Koya.
”Shukubo” originally means lodging for monks in training.
After the Heian era, it became a widespread custom for non-secular people such as aristocrats or bushi to go on pilgrimage to temples and shrines, and the inn began to accept all people who visited the temple. Currently, the inn is popular since guests can enjoy experiences that are different from those offered at standard inns, such as Buddhist vegetarian meals or meditation.

A serene experience in a beautiful space

Nakata stayed at ”Fugenin” which is located at Mount Koya with 12 million visitors every year. The inn is a popular accommodation for many people, not just people who came to visit the temples. As you enter, there is a mural with amazing ”radenzaiku” (mother-of-pearl inlay) and precious furniture, creating a unique atmosphere.
On the sliding doors which serve as partitions, there are different pictures drawn with charcoal ink, and as we looked at each room, we found it entertaining to look for the different pictures drawn on each door. The property is cleaned and guests are catered to by monks in training at Mount Koya. The monks in training are as young as middle schoolers or high schoolers. Watching them work with great attention is quite pleasing, and their mild manner of speaking is calming and peaceful.
They accept both small groups such as families and large groups such as company group training. Various unique plans are available, such as copying the Sutra or visiting temples, so if you are interested in experiencing something a little different, this inn is for you.


Shukubo Fugenin
605 Koyasan, Koyacho, Ito, Wakayama Prefecture