<strong>Enjoying all that Japan has to offer – Asaba</strong>

Enjoying all that Japan has to offer - Asaba

Shuzenji is the oldest hot springs area in the Izu Peninsula. Asaba is a traditional Japanese lodging that has more than 500 years of history. Located along Katsura River, it boasts an impressive entrance which welcomed countless dignitaries over the years. 

It is also the first Japanese hotel to join the renowned French organization Relais & Chateaux which restricts membership to premium hotels and restaurants, an indication of the highest quality service.

It all began when Yakuro Yukitada Asaba, an ancestor of the current owners, visited Shuzenji to found the Shuzenji Temple for the Soto Sect. The large property is a fusion of nature and elegant Japanese architecture that blends into the bamboo forest and waterfalls. The serene setting is a treat for the mind and soul. Guests are sure to be impressed with Gekkeiden, the large Noh stage in the middle of the large pond which was transported to its current location in the late Meiji era. Used for performances of Noh and Kyogen by top class artists, it has become a symbol of Asaba. Each room has a view of the stage, allowing guests to soak up the history of the lodging as well as traditional Japanese art. Asaba is truly a lodging where guests can immerse themselves in the “miyabi” or grace of Japan.

The well maintained accommodations are refreshing, and it is easy to recognize the quality of the art pieces that are displayed. There is a representation of both historical Japanese art pieces as well as those from around the world. Everything is in good taste, and it is a treat being able to stroll around to observe each piece.

In addition to the 15 guest rooms, there is a special detached villa, Tenko, which has both a in-room bath and an outdoor bath and is a luxurious 220㎡. The sophisticated and serene setting is truly a pleasure with a view of the garden from the outdoor bath, terrace and enclosed veranda. Each of the other guest rooms offer a different view of the garden, allowing guests to enjoy a different scene that changes with the seasons.

Of course, the meals are also first rate. Izu offers abundant seasonal ingredients from Suruga Peninsula and Amagi mountains. The daily menu at Asaba is determined by the catch of the day, and made up mostly of local ingredients. There is a kitchen and service room by each guest room to offer in-room meal service. Guests enjoy dishes at their peak, in terms of temperature, flavor and aroma. This is omotenashi in its true form.

Asaba has been a popular lodging for more than 500 years, and the spirit of omotenashi and commitment to all that is beautiful continues to be passed on.


3450-1 Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka
TEL 0558-72-7000
URL http://www.asaba-ryokan.com