Ginka, the hotel for wellness at Kinosaki Maruyamagawa Onsen

the hotel for wellness at Kinosaki Maruyamagawa Onsen

Immersion into nature

Ginka is situated by Maruyama River in Kinosaki Maruyamagawa Onsen. This area is still quieter than other parts of Kinosaki. They only have eighteen guest rooms on the vast premises, because they aim to offer careful and thoughtful services to guests. Needless to say, the eighteen rooms are spacious and roomy.
Every guestroom has a view of Maruyama River and the ridge of the mountain beyond the river. As you listen to the calming murmuring of the river, you may notice you are breathing deeper and slower.
The open-air bath is available 24 hours a day, allowing guests to feel harmony with nature. The borderline between the river water and the bath water merges, and you will feel like you are in the river itself.

Feast for the mouth and eyes

The hotel meals also reflect their sincere hospitality. They have two restaurants, ”Tosho” and ”Man’emon” to allow guests to enjoy breakfast and dinner in a different atmosphere. Both restaurants are named after local pottery, and guests can have fresh local food including ”Matsuba crabs” caught in Tsuiyama Bay nearby. The local potters specially created the tableware for Ginka. Guests can enjoy beautifully presented dishes that the restaurants serve using the special tableware. The meals will satisfy guests with the taste, while also pleasing the eye.
Appreciate the slow flow of time, and heal your mind. Then heal your body while sinking into a bath in front of nature. And satisfy your appetite with fresh local food. This is the way to escape and refresh your body and soul.


Ginka in Kinosaki Maruyamagawa Onsen
1177 Oshima, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture