Nemu no Hana

Nemu no Hana

Embraced by the forest, moment of serenity

In March 2008, “”Nemu no hana”” was opened at the foot of Inohae Valley which is designated as a place for forest therapy. With “a sense of luxury that is integrated with nature” as a theme, they have 10 detached guest rooms of modern design, intended to offer maximum privacy and luxury. In the large private garden where one can hear the calming sounds of birds and bubbling streams, there is an outdoor bath and deck chairs, which offer the time and space to truly relax.

All the guest rooms are detached rooms with open-air baths offering a view of the valley. Wisteria and silk tree flowers bloom in the spring, and you can enjoy the seasonal scenery in all the other seasons as well. In the evening the lights of the hotel are warmly lit, and the buildings of a new yet old-fashioned atmosphere create a fantastic sight.
Among the villages in Miyazaki, Kitasato is known to have plenty of fresh ingredients unique to this region such as yam, radish, burdock and other root vegetables, river shrimp and ayu fish. One of the joys of staying at this hotel is that you will be served the cuisine made from the finest local ingredients with the theme of “seasonal vegetables and seafood delicacies”.


Nemu no Hana
2711 Gonohara, Kitago-cho, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture