”Takahashi Shuzo” ”Sake” to enjoy the  bubbles in your mouth

”Takahashi Shuzo” ”Sake”
to enjoy the bubbles in your mouth

Semi Carbonated Sparkling Sake

There is a sake that was featured in a popular Fuji TV program ”SMAP x SMAP” and became the topic of the conversation. It is ”Ise no Shiroki” made by Takahashi Shuzo.
What kind of sake is it? It’s sparkling sake. When you swirl in your mouth, the semi carbonated bubble with jump in your mouth. But what a surprise! The taste is sake with refreshing flavor and fresh texture. This sparkling sake was in fact only available to drink at the brewery. Because the carbonated gas that is contained in the ”sake” is not added after it was brewed but it occurs naturally during the manufacturing process. And Takahashi Shuzo succeeded to capture that gas inside the bottle with their special technique. And that is how this Shiroki was created.

The power of live rice malt

In order to capture the gas, you need to bottle it containing ”Live Koji(rice malt)”. It is said that the sake with live rice malt, has more amino acid, Vitamin B and other effective ingredients for your body compared to the ordinary sake. It looks beautiful and good for your body. Plus you can enjoy the new way of enjoying ”sake”. This is the sake with all three elements.
At the factory store ”Ise no Kura” adjacent to the brewery, you can taste several different ”sake” including their popular brand ”Ten Yu Lin”. ”Ise no Kura” is opened from 9am – 12pm, 1pm – 4pm and closes on Sundays and holidays.


Takahashi Shuzo, Co., Ltd
2-15-7 Matsutera, Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture
URL http://ise-shiroki.com/