Shimomura Shuzo’s commitment to hand made production

Shimomura Shuzo’s commitment to hand made production

Area suitable for ”sake” brewing

Shimomura Shuzoten is located in Yasutomi which is an wonderful place for brewing ”sake”
The cold winter air that blows down from the Chugoku Mountain Range provide create an ideal climate for ”sake” brewing. Clean water with character is abundant from the surrounding mountains. In addition, Yamadanishiki, the rice essential for ”sake” brewing, is produced right in the neighborhood.

In addition to the ideal environment, Shimomura Shuzo is committed to making handmade ”sake”. Their motto is ”no skill is better than hand made”. They carry out all processes manually.

Brewing the premium label ”Okuharima”

They are only capable of producing up to a ton of ”sake” at a time because of limitations posed by manual work. The brewery only produces 60,000 1.8-liter bottles a year. This is about 1/10 of a large ”sake” label. This is the limit with their traditional brewing method.
Although they are such a small-scale brewery, they make various types of Okuharima, such as sweet, dry, the ones that should be served hot or cold.
It is one of the features of ”sake” made by Shimomura Shuzo. Their artisans introduce ingenious ideas in ”sake” brewing. The enthusiastic artisans even think about what kind of ”sake” they should produce.
Think of all the time and love that was put into the ”sake” when you drink it.


Shimomura Shuzoten
957 Anji, Yasutomi-cho, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture