”Kinoshita Brewery” ”Sake” Born Surpassing Borders

”Kinoshita Brewery”
”Sake” Born Surpassing Borders

The Head Brewer of Kinoshita Brewery

Founded in 1842, ”Kinoshita Brewery” has a history of 170 years. Here at Kinoshita Brewery, everything is done by hand and they are popular for their cared about methods of brewing. The brand that is the most appealing to the public is their ”Wakuwaku”. The head brewer is British Philip Harper, who had come to Japan after graduating from Oxford University, his major in English Literature. He broadened his views on Japanese ”sake” as he liked to drink and having drinking buddies helped. He quit his job as an English teacher and soon started to study the making of Japanese ”sake” by visiting breweries. Later he was employed as one of the brewing staff at a brewery in Nara, and in 2001 passed the Nanbu Brewers Guild Exam and became a certified brew master.

After 3 years, he started to make ”Wakuwaku” and in 2007 was appointed as brew master at Kinoshita Brewery. The ”Wakuwaku” was completed under Kinoshita Brewery and immaculately won the gold award at the National Bureau’s Research of Institute of Brewing in its first year. There are countless ”sake” lovers from abroad, but to be from abroad and becoming a brew master himself is unprecedented. Japanese ”sake” made by a non-native who loves sake. Doesn’t that raise your curiosity?


Kinoshita Brewer Ltd.
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