Meirishurui Co.,Ltd., Sake brewery that places importance in yeast

Meirishurui Co.,Ltd.,
Sake brewery that places importance in yeast


Ogawa yeast and M-310 yeast

Yeast is indispensable in making ”sake”. Among the many types of yeast used in brewing ”sake”, is an yeast known as the ”Ogawa yeast (Association #10 yeast) ” which is widely used by breweries in eastern Japan. This yeast was developed by Merishurui Co., Ltd. with its factory located in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture. It was in 1952 when Dr. Chikara Ogawa, the company’s vice president and researcher, succeeded in separating and cultivating this yeast from the mash collected from ”sake” breweries across north eastern Japan. It fermented well in the cold northern climate, had little sourness, and was characterized by its splendid aroma. For many years the yeast was used for brewing high class ”sake” such as ”ginjoshu”. It created and supported a generation of Japanese ”sake” .

”Daiginjoshu” made with the M-310 yeast.

The yeast that Nakata got to see is the ”M-310 yeast”, an improved version of the yeast developed from the Ogawa yeast. The number 310 comes from word play that makes the number read as Mito. The characteristic fruity aroma is stronger with the M-310 and even less sour. All ”ginjoshu” brewed at Meirishurui Co., Ltd. now use the M-310 yeast. On the day Nakata visited, the chief brewer master Kumagai who belonged to the Nambu Toji group, showed him the ”Daiginjoshu” tank.
”Does the fermentation time change when you change the yeast? ” saked Nakata. ”By all means. With the M-310 yeast, fermentation is slow. So it can take from several days to even 10 days more. The ”daiginjoshu” made from Yamada Nishiki rice and this yeast is said to have a rich aroma and clean smooth taste. ”Any brewery would prefer to use the local yeast for brewing. So in Ibaraki, it is the widespread custom to use yeast from Ibaraki. ” says Master Kumagai. To express regional characteristics through brewing, that may be an ultimate joy for ”sake” lovers.

Another face of the company ”Hyakunen Umeshu” (Century Plum Wine)

Meirishurui Co., Ltd. makes a variety of alcoholic beverages including, ”sake”, ”shochu”, cooking wine, fruit liquor, and beer.
Among them, ”Hyakunen Umeshu” (Century Plum Wine) is a popular product that is known as the company’s second face.
It won first prize in a national contest at the Tenman Tenjin Plum Wine Contest held at Osaka Tenmangu shrine. The plums were matured in the liquor and finished with brandy and honey. It is characterised by the very smooth and mild taste. We got to taste the canned variety which coupled the ”Hyakunen Umeshu” with mild soda.”It’s very good. I can taste the flavor of the plums firmly. It has a good degree of sharpness to the taste, probably from the brandy content. ” said Nakata. Meirshurui Co., Ltd. has been putting stress on fruit liqueurs, and Nakata and president Kato exchanged ideas like plum wine that can be served at an celebratory occasion in place of Champagne as they spoke.
Plum wine is for enjoying the sweetness and the firm taste of the plums. Product development continues at Meirishurui Co.,Ltd. aiming to create a plum wine loved by all.


Meirishurui Co.,Ltd., Sake brewery that places importance in yeast
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