Tanrei umakuchi sake made with rice, water and people ”Miyao Shuzo”

Tanrei umakuchi sake made with rice, water and people
”Miyao Shuzo”

Umakuchi made possible by the natural surroundings of Murakami

Murakami-city, Niigata is a major producer of “sake” rice such as “Gohyakumangoku” and “Takanenishiki.” Miyao Shuzo has been producing “sake” for 200 years in this area. “Shimeharizuru” is the prime label of this brewery. It is known for its smooth clean taste accompanied by “umami.” It is light and dry yet tasteful. Nakata tasted a number of their “sake” such as “daiginjo ’Gold Label,’” “junmai ginjo ’Jun,’” “ginjoshu ’Tokusen.’” Nakata savored each sip slowly and enjoyed every bit of “umakuchi.” The taste is created from combination of the premium rice produced in Murakami and subsoil water from Miomote River known for its salmon runs. Not only good quality “sake” rice but smooth water with a little sweetness make the “umakuchi” of this “sake.”

Good quality is accepted anywhere, any time.

I want to make good quality ’sake,’ so that people would think that as long as the ’sake’ has a ’Shimeharitsuru’ label, it is good without a doubt, says Yoshiaki Miyao, managing director of Miyao Shuzo. As mentioned before, ideal rice and water is available in Murakami. But you cannot make “good” sake with just good water and good rice. “I carefully select the best ingredients, prepare the manufacturing environment, and am particular about maintaining the best quality to make good ’sake.’ Our passion and enthusiasm toward ’sake’ brewing and our sense of value toward tradition, our continuous challenge to produce better ’sake’ is necessary to continue producing good ’sake.’” In other words, you cannot make good “sake” without the makers’ passion. “Shimeharizuru” has fans all over Japan. Nakata asks what their goal is and Miyao answers, “We believe that good quality ’sake’ would be accepted any time and anywhere. We would like to appeal to younger generation and people abroad.” Not only for “sake” fans but for the next generation. Nowadays more people are interested in food so it may be a good time to find new fans.


Miyao Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
5-15 Kamikata-machi, Murakami, Niigata Prefecture
URL http://www.shimeharitsuru.co.jp/english/index.html