Delicious dishes reflecting the owner’s passion – Handmade soba, Fukusuke

Delicious dishes reflecting the owner’s passion – Handmade soba, Fukusuke

 Tonami in Toyama has a scattering of homes surrounded by trees. The scenic town resembles traditional farms and bring a touch of nostalgy. The modern Japanese style building that houses Fukusuke, the traditional handmade stone ground soba restaurant, fits in well with its surroundings.
The refurbished traditional Japanese home offers a warm comfortable setting with its high ceilings. Visitors enjoy a moment of tranquility observing the traditional craftwork and Japanese garden.

“What makes Fukusuke special is that our soba is made from seeds that are local to Toyama and we use superior quality well water and natural ingredients for the broth.”

Using soba flour that is freshly ground the day before, the soba is prepared according to the season and the characteristic of the soba grains. Special attention to the details is what results in the delicious soba filled with the owner’s dedication and commitment.

 There are two styles of soba available, thinly cut cold style and wholegrain traditional style. The thinly cut soba has a texture and aroma that goes down smoothly. The broth for the cold and hot styles are prepared separately, and are a perfect match. The gentle sweetness spreads throughout your mouth with each bite.
The wholegrain soba is ground with the skin, in the traditional method, leaving just the right texture and pleasant scent. It is delicious with the broth, but a sprinkle of salt is also enjoyable.

While there are many varieties, the most popular in the summer is the cold soba with citrus and “junsai”. The cold soba features slices of “sudachi” citrus and the cool “junsai” is a favorite among the locals who look forward to it each year. We highly recommend this refreshing dish that is visually pleasing and delicious.

 Fukusuke is popular not only for its soba, but the other Japanese dishes prepared by Mr. Nishimura. The traditional style “tamagoyaki” uses top quality broth and premium eggs from a local brand chicken and is served steaming hot. The soba tea pudding has a sophisticated appeal with a sprinkling of gold foil and is quite smooth.

“I try to use local ingredients as much as possible and incorporate only the very best ingredients from around the country in hopes of elevating traditional soba and Japanese cuisine.”
Each dish is symbolic of the passion and warmth that Mr. Nishimura has. We highly recommend a visit when in Toyama.


Handmade stone ground soba Fukusuke
947-1 Hayashi, Tonami-shi, Toyama
TEL 0763-33-2770