Authentic chocolate that is committed to the very best – Patisserie La Girafe

Authentic chocolate that is committed to the very best – Patisserie La Girafe

A five minute drive from Toyama station brings you to a classic western style building, home to Patisserie La Girafe, a local favorite attracting long lines of customers. 

There are no showcases that are visible from the outside, so you can’t tell what is sold here. Entering with great anticipation, the interior is very welcoming with its warm lighting and classic antiques and sophisticated fusion of east and west.

“I strive to create something that is unique to our store, by being mindful of passing on tradition and adding a touch of originality.” (Junichiro Hongo, owner and chef)

Ingredients are gathered from all over the world – pureed fruit, chocolate, dried fruit, spices and delicious, locally grown fruit, eggs and herbs. Confectionary that is exclusive to Patisserie La Girafe line the showcase.


Of special note is their chocolate. Almost all their chocolate confectionary is made from “bean to bar chocolate” which is made entirely made by hand from cacao beans. Originally from the US, it caught on in the late 2010’s in Japan and is packed with the passion and commitment of the craftsperson. The chocolate is made with cacao beans from a single source, or blended with those from other areas, based on the direction of the final product. 

The top recommendation is Pieger with its iconic G taken from the shop name. The crispiness and rich texture spreads throughout your mouth along with the deep flavor of cacao, and the scent of liqueur passes through your nose, the perfect treat for adults. The chocolate sponge made from ganache, vintage port and cacao beans is sticky, and the compote made from dried fig adds a calculated complexity that makes you crave for more.

The galette cacao is the top recommendation among the baked items. It is a thick sable-type cookie with a very light texture, with a lasting richness of cacao from the bean to bar chocolate. Coarsely crushed chocolate pieces showcase the chocolate with every bite, and is an item that brings great satisfaction. Baked items are available for online purchases, and are ideal as gifts for any special occasion.

Hongo is very particular about the chocolate he uses because he is committed to pursuing a taste that is all is own. Every one of his creations is delicious and are beautiful like works of art, enticing customers to make repeat visits. Definitely worth making an excursion to enjoy the delectable chocolate in this hideaway in Toyama. 


Patisserie La Girafe
1-8-7 Kurose Kita-machi, Toyama-shi, Toyama
TEL 076-491-7050