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Overlooking one of the Best Nightscapes of Japan ”Nara, Manyo Wakakusano Yado Mikasa”

Overlooking one of the Best Nightscapes of Japan
”Nara, Manyo Wakakusano Yado Mikasa”

Inn of Mikasayama

The altitude of Wakabayama that looks over Nara is 342 m, and it is also famous for the ”yama yaki” event of the new year celebration. As there are 3 mountains standing side by side, it was named ”Mikasayama”. ”Nara Mano Wakakusa no Yado Mikasa” is located at the foot of this mountain.
The lobby overlooks Nara city. You will be served ”matcha” upon checking in, and this is the moment you turn off your everday switch. You sit down, sip the ”matcha” and let out a sigh of relief.
The ”ryokan” was fully renovated in the spring of 2009. All the rooms are made so that gentle rays of nature fill them, brightening them up. ”The Special Room” type has an open-air bath made of Shigara yaki ceramics, and an inner bath made of Japanese cypress, both situated so you can enjoy the view of the garden while taking a dip in the tub. Some of the ”Open-air bath” type rooms also have both types of baths. The ”Maisonnette” type rooms, rare for a Japanese ryokan, has a staircase inside and provides 2 bed rooThe first floor has an open ceiling creating a spacious area, enough for 2 or 3 families to share.

Enjoying meals at ”Nara”

For their meals, they are particular about high-quality beef and serve ”Kuroge wagyu”, ”Igagyu”. There is a special bond with Iga as the wood for the torches used during Todaiji Shunie services are supplied from Nabari, Iga. Also served are local bred pork roast ”yagyu” hot pot, local poultry, Naranikudori hot pot, Nara pickles, tea congee, etc. All the dishes are very highly acclaimed, allowing you to enjoy ”Nara” through the meals.
At night, you can enjoy the nightscape of the old capital of Nara from the lobby. The nightscape has been chosen as one of the 3 best in Japan. You will definitely treasure the exceptional experience.


Nara Manyo Wakakusa no Yado Mikasa
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