A relaxing place that brings a smile to your face ”Bettei Koshinosato”

A relaxing place that brings a smile to your face
”Bettei Koshinosato”

Offering a ”ryokan” within a hotel

Shibata-city, Niigata is located in the northern area of Niigata Plains, the basin of Shinano River and Agano River. Shibata-city was a castle town which prospered with water transportation industry. Nested in the surrounding mountains is Tsukioka Onsen, well-known for its emerald green sulfur spring which is said to have skin-beautifying effect. ”Shiratamanoyu Kahou” is a ten-story hotel in this Japanese countryside. In addition to facilities satisfying every age group such as lobby overlooking 20,000㎡ garden and indoor pool, they offer a new type of relaxation in a Japanese style inn within a hotel named ”Bettei Koshinosato (Koshinosato Annex)”

Bettei Koshinosato -ryokan with only suites

Seven story building with seasonal flowers decorating the interior, all 20 guest rooms are suites and each floor is decorated differently. There is a 270°panoramic prospect from the salon. The fog during morning and dusk make you feel as if you are floating in the hotel’s natural surroundings. Out of the 20 rooms, 13 rooms have their own outdoor hot spring with a view and silk ion bath facility with minus ion and massaging effect. You can enjoy a special moment in the beautiful scenery, your body and soul freed from day-to-day hustle and bustle.

Japanese restaurant ”Nanakusa” – Brings out full potential of the food

The meal is served at the Japanese restaurant ”Nanakusa.” The head chef, Hidekazu Fujiwara who trained at prominent restaurants and ”ryokan” offers ”kaiseki” course made with carefully selected ingredients from Niigata, often referred to as ”kingdom of food.” For example, an autumn course may include: From the land, freshly picked ”edamame,” ”sakanamame” beans from Kurosaki, Niigata, ”aomi-daikon” radish, ”karasumi” dried mullet roe, ”momiji” pumpkin, ”mame kaki tamago.” From Japan Sea, ”sashimi” with bluefin tuna, ”momiji-tai” Japanese sea bream, ”nanban-ebi” deep water shrimp, ”aioli-style” roasted blackthroat seaperch and barracuda, and ”Murakami beef” steak. One can enjoy each dish made from blessings of nature. Relaxing guestrooms, dishes to fully enjoy the season, quiet but comfortable hospitality. The facility will put you at ease, bring a smile to your face. ”Koshinosato Annex” is a Japanese ”ryokan” where you can thoroughly enjoy their hospitality.


Shiratamanoyu Kahou Bettei Koshinosato
134 Tsukioka Onsen, Shibata, Niigata Prefecture
URL http://www.koshinosato.com/