Enjoying ”Iya soba” while overlooking the unexplored Iya Valley – ”Iya Bijin”

Enjoying ”Iya soba” while overlooking the unexplored Iya Valley -
”Iya Bijin”

”Ryokan” in the Iya Valley

The Iya Valley is known as a hiding grounds of the Taira family, and is considered one of Japan’s three great unexplored areas. V-shaped precipitous cliffs continue for almost 10 km, creating a view of deep mountains and dark valleys. ”Iya Bijin” is an inn that soars within the Iya Valley. It seems to jut out over the valley, and the bottom of the valley can be seen from the guest rooThe inn seems to literally ”soar” over the valley.
While the open air bath with a view of the valley is quite pleasant as it allows you to enjoy the great outdoors, being able to enjoy handmade ”Iya soba” daily is an added bonus. As a matter of fact, ”Iya Bijin” is not only a ”ryokan” but also a ”soba” restaurant.

Making ”soba”

”Iya soba” is a local specialty of the Iya Valley and is said to have been made by the defeated warriors of the Taira family. Very little binders are used in making the ”soba”, so each noodle is rather thick and short, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor and aroma of ”soba”. Rather than enjoying the smooth sensation as it flows easily down the throat, the chewy texture and aroma are meant to be enjoyed as you bite into the ”soba”. You can also experience making ”soba” at the nearby ”Soba Dojo”.
Upon hearing this, Nakata decided to give it a try. Although it requires skill to make ”soba” without any binders, Nakata managed to create ”Iya soba” and was able to eat his own freshly made ”soba”. Eating freshly milled, handmade soba with the exquisite aroma, while enjoying the nature of the valley. What an exceptional experience.


Keikoku no kakure yado (Hideaway in the valley) Iya Bijin
9-3 Nishiiyayamamura Zentoku, Miyoshi, Tokushima
URL http://iyabijin.jp/