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”Villa Santorini” Cavern like Room with a Round Ceiling

”Villa Santorini”
Cavern like Room with a Round Ceiling

Villa Santorini
599-6 Ryu Usa-cho, Tosa, Kochi Prefecture

Illusion of travelling to a different country

”Villa Satorini” is a hotel that makes you feel like you are in a resort by the Aegean Sea. The white building stands out in the blue ocean and blue sky, where you can truly enjoy a resort ambience. Within the complex, there is a swimming pool that is like a movie set, a restaurant where you can enjoy Greek cuisine, and it is filled with the atmosphere of a foreign land.
The name of the hotel ”Santorini” comes from a beautiful island in Greece floating in the Aegean Sea. On this island, there is a very rare architectural style called ”Canaves Style” made by carving buildings into a cliff. At ”Villa Santorini”, the Canaves Style is used to create rooms which are like being in a cave. The beautiful curved ceiling and walls are painted white, and the interior is classic but modern and with an open feeling.
From the hotel, you can see the whole Tosa Bay, and between May and October, you can enjoy whale watching. If you are looking for an open space like the big ocean and sky, this is the place for you!


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