”Masuda Tokubee Shoten” Where ”Nigori sake” originates from!

”Masuda Tokubee Shoten”
Where ”Nigori sake” originates from!

The Difference Between ”Nigori sake” and Doburoku

Now there are various sake with the name ”nigori sake” (opaque ”sake”) but in fact the ”Tsukino Katsura daigokujo nakagumi nigorisake” of ”Masuda Tokubee Shoten ” is where it all originated. Theirs was the very first in Japan sold with the name ”Nigorishu” in 1964. People may think, Doburoku also is a kind of opaque sake that has existed for a long time too. However, if people regard these 2 types of sake as the same, they are wrong, as there is a significant difference between the two. Nigori Sake is made by separating the sediments from the fresh made filtered sake, dividing it from fermenting mash once, it is therefore classified as ”refined sake” and has a refreshing taste. Doburoku does not separate the fermenting mash. ”Tsukino Katsura” is bottled while fermenting thus it still continues fermenting inside the bottle. The fermenting mash that is still slightly left precipitates at bottom of the bottle. If you are tempted to shake it, it will overflow as it is carbonated. When it was first marketed, they received many complaints regarding this, and ever since, delivery methods have been improved.

The Difference Between ”Nigori sake” and Doburoku

”Tsukino Katsura Daigokujo nakagumi Nigorisake” is best when refrigerated 3 or 4 hours before consumption. Naturally carbonated, it pops in your mouth. It is as though it is champagne made of rice. The fruity fragrance passes through your nostrils as the acidy taste stimulates the tongue. It goes down the throat with an invigorating freshness. Try the ”Original Nigori Sake” for yourself. Founded in 1675, their sake is still hand-made, just like 300 years ago. Masuda Tokubee Shoten also handles old sake in porcelain bottles that have been laid to rest. Nakata observed their warehouse where there were lines of porcelain bottles stacked in rows. There are some that have been laid for 30 years. The sake stored in this warehouse for a decade, the Kotakuhikari ”Special Sake” is a highly recommended sake with matured mellow taste, suitable for a special occasion.


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