”Shimizu Jozo Co., Ltd” Suzuka, where ”sake” is delicious

”Shimizu Jozo Co., Ltd”
Suzuka, where ”sake” is delicious

A legendary ”sake” country

The history of Suzuka goes back a long way.
In an old document ”Yamato Himenomikoto Seiki” there is a mention of ”Umasaka Suzuka no Kuni”. It is said that Yamato Himenomikoto who is mentioned in this document, arrived to the country of Ise searching for a place to enshrine Amaterasu Omikami.
This ”Yamato Himenomikoto Seiki” is said to be written around Nara Period or Kamakura period but Suzuka was known from the old time as a land of ”Umasake (Delicious sake)”.

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In Mie Prefecture, Ise Toji (Brew master) has been carrying on the tradition of this ”Umasake (Delicious sake)”. Now a days, there is seasonal chief system established and Brew masters from Tajima and Nanbu works in Mie as well.
However, here at Shimizu Jozo, they appointed pure Ise Toji, Tomohiro Uchiyama who was born and raised in Suzuka.
Currently, Shimizu Jozo is the only brewery in Suzuka and carrying on the tradition and leading the history of ”Umasake” with their full energy.


Shimizu Jozo Co., Ltd
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