”Tomita Shuzo Co, Ltd.” Local Sake Loved by Rosanjin

”Tomita Shuzo Co, Ltd.”
Local Sake Loved by Rosanjin

”Shichihonyari” Brave Samurai Warriors

”Tomita Shuzo” is located in Kinomoto-cho, which once flourished as a post town. Even now in the present, you can see remnants of this, from the old buildings that present images of a grand town. Tomita Shuzo was found more than 450 years ago, and boasts an old building built in the Edo period which stands in a corner of the town.
Upon visiting their brewery, the first thing that greets us is the word ”Shichihonyari” written in bold strokes by the entrance. When we inquired about this, we were told that it was written by Kitaouji Rosanjin during his stay here. These are the very letters used on their premium ”sake” label ”Shichihonyari”.
”Shichihonyari” refers to the loyal warriors of Toyotomi Hideyoshi namely Masanori Fukushima, Katsumoto Katagiri, etc. They served Hideyoshi since their youth, and were recognized during the ”Shizugatake no tatakai”, the battle at Shizugatake against Katsuie Shibata. They are heroes of Shiga.

Preparing ”Goshu” rice

Tomita Shuzo’s ”Shichihonyari” has been their leading label since the mid 16th century. Crowned with the name of the heroes of Shiga, they naturally use local brand rice, Goshu rice.
Tomita studied at the Brewery Research Center in Tokyo and then travelled around the world visiting breweries.
He was impressed by the vineyards that spread out at the wineries. Producing wine picked from grapes from the vineyard that were right in front of the wineries, this looked ideal. That is what he visualized at his brewery as well, and how he came to be so particular about using local rice.
This is the background for the ”sake” label ”Shichihonyari”.


Tomita Shuzo Co, Ltd.
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