”Satoumitei”, Onjuku – Enjoy the comforts of the countryside

Onjuku - Enjoy the comforts of the countryside


Going back to the roots of country inns.

”Satoumitei” opened in November 2011 in Oaraimachi, Ibaraki Prefecture on the seaside where you can literally hear the waves of the Oarai Beach. The concept of the inn is ”nonfiction country inn” – an inn that doesn’t conform to typical regional ”ryokan” styles that had been built up over the years, a new attempt at creating an inn where you can feel the ”comforts of the modern countryside”. The fresh interior combines the comforts of modern everyday life with the beauty of the seaside view. Guest rooms include a bedroom (Japanese style), a living room, and a terrace, with the bedroom located away from the windows to avoid the noise of the waves that may disturb sleep.

Enjoy local treats in a treasure house of food

Perhaps it’s the cuisine that conveys the hospitality of the inn. Ibaraki Prefecture is known as a rich farmland, has plenty of seafood, and it is home to more than 50 ”sake” breweries. It is undoubtedly a gourmet treasure house. Just taking a trip to the local market and putting the locally produced seasonal goods on the table will provide a feast. You can check what’s in season on their website or Facebook page. Go visit and place yourself in the local country life. Think of it as a day at your second home in Oarai, Ibaraki, and relax. Even if Ibaraki isn’t your hometown, it’ll feel like your new hometown. ”Satoumitei” is an inn where you can fully enjoy the comforts of the countryside.


Satoumitei Kinparo Hontei
Isohama-cho, Oarai Machi, Higashi Ibaraki Gun, Ibaraki
URL http://www.satoumitei.jp/