”Hiragiya” Accommodation in Kyoto, Loved by a Master Writer

Accommodation in Kyoto, Loved by a Master Writer

The Exquisite Sukiyazukuri

Founded in 1818, ”Hiragiya” is an old, established ryokan over two centuries old. The old building built in the old wooden sukiyazukuri architectural style has 21 guest rooms Staying overnight in an accommodation with such history is an valuable experience in the present. The sukiya architectural style, strongly influenced by the tea ceremony culture provides deeper cut eaves, creating deeper shadows in the gardens from the guestroo This effect is for the guests to enjoy the greenery from their rooms, a gesture of hospitality continuing on for 200 years.

Spirit of Hospitality

The new annex opened in 2006 was an answer to the needs for modern times. There are 7 guest rooms and they are designed in modern-Japanese style. The new spacious hall with glass walls can be used for various types of meetings. The hospitality of ”Hiragiya” pursues ”Raisha nyoki”, which means making the guests feel at home. This spirit of hospitality was adored by renowned writer, Yasunari Kawabata, who came to stay often. Visitors to Kyoto and the people who greet and welcome them. ”Hiragiya” promises a time of relaxation surpassing the eras.


277 Hakusancho Aneyakojiagaru Fuyacho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
URL https://www.hiiragiya.co.jp/en/