”Yugawara Onsen Sekiyou” Immersing in abundant nature of Yugawara

”Yugawara Onsen Sekiyou”
Immersing in abundant nature of Yugawara

Good old fashioned Japanese inn

Yugawara-machi is located on the border of Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures. Satsuma (mandarin orange) orchards spread out on the sunny hills and Chitose River slowly flows from the Hakone Mountains through the gentle slopes along the ”onsen” town out to Sagami Bay. The relaxed ambience of this region has long had a healing effect on people. Not only being mentioned in the ”tanka” recorded in the ancient ”Manyoshu”, but the ”onsen” has also been adored by numerous literary giants of modern Japanese literature, many of whom have written their literary work in Yugawara.
We visited ”Sekiyou,” an inn located halfway up a hill from town.
The inn is built on a vacation home and garden that has been in the owner family for three generations, giving it the atmosphere of a private home welcoming guests.
Art pieces by local artists are displayed, antiques and contemporary art matching the season adorn the interior. All nine guest rooms have sophisticated stylized beauty which compels the guests to take a deep breath and relax. Sekiyou is a popular destination as a ”ryokan” where you can experience an authentic Japanese inn.

Hospitality deeply rooted in the local community

One of the attractions of Sekiyou is the food, vegetable from local farms, fish caught in the local seas, edible wild plants in spring; horse mackerel, inshore fish and abalone in summer; lobster in autumn; and daikon radish from Odawara and other seasonal ingredients. The dishes are prepared by traditional methods to bring out the ingredient’s flavor to the fullest, to make each dish memorable for guests.
Breakfast is another delightful experience, unique to Japanese ”ryokan”. You can start the day with healthy food such as fresh juice made from locally grown citrus, seasonal ”himono” and boiled greens.
You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains from the outdoor hot spring. Soak leisurely in the ”onsen,” get a massage to thoroughly relax. Hike in the nearby hills and enjoy a walk in nature. This is an inn that makes you want to stay at least two nights to fully immerse in its comfort.


Yugawara Onsen Sekiyou
749 Miyakami, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
URL http://www.sekiyou.com/