The pioneer of all hotels, ”Imperial Hotel Osaka”

The pioneer of all hotels,
”Imperial Hotel Osaka”

Evolutional hospitality

Almost all people in Japan are familiar with ”The Imperial Hotel”. Ranked as one of the best three hotels in Japan, along with ”Hotel New Otani.”, the history of the Imperial Hotel begins from 1890, when it was built as the national hotel of Japan. Ever since, the Imperial Hotel remains to be one of the representative hotels in this country that embraces the traditional culture of Japan.

The Imperial Hotel was the first hotel to introduce the buffet style in dining, as well as the first to offer special accommodation packages for female guests, which have since become common with other hotels. While being the pioneer of all hotels, the Imperial Hotel keeps evolving as they challenge themselves to offer their services and hospitality in a new environment, and in 2007, they opened the ”Imperial Hotel Osaka” where Nakata stayed.

The hotel overlooks the Ookawa River and its banks that continue all the way to the Mint Bureau. The river bank is a famous spot for viewing cherry blossoms. The hotel is conveniently located in the central urban Osaka area, yet the hotel is surrounded by a rich natural environment. One can certainly enjoy the superb hospitality of the Imperial Hotel Osaka and feel the quality of its centennial history that has cherished tradition.


Imperial Hotel Osaka
1-8-50 Tenmanbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka