Karinto buns are a hit – Karinto Rinya

Karinto buns are a hit – Karinto Rinya

Fans keep coming back for “karinto manju (buns)”

Many are perplexed when they first try it, but become hooked after the first bite. That is the reaction from many about the “karinto manju”. The collaboration of the crispy exterior and the soft filling is unlike any other, leading Nakata to comment “many brands of karinto manju are available, but this is just exquisite.”

The ingredients are chosen with care to be gentle to the body as well as delicious. Using mineral and vitamin rich brown sugar from Hateruma Island for the buns, it is fried using rice bran oil from domestically grown rice.

There are 3 standard flavors – basic strained bean paste or “koshian”, “Kanazawa Boucha” made from local roasted tea and “cream cheese” which has a very creamy rich flavor. Each is sold individually and easy to eat. Seasonal flavors include “cherry”, “zunda”, “salt” and “blueberry”. While they are meant to be eaten within 24 hours, you can toast them to bring back the crispiness.

Appreciating the ingredients and creating honest sweets

The parent company of “Karinto Rinya” is a Japanese sweets shop in Imizu called Houjou Wakasaya, a store that is loved by the locals. “Karinto Rinya” prides itself in appreciating the ingredients and creating honest sweets. It is all rooted in the ingredients and appreciation. Adding skill, passion and revolutionary ideas to continuously hone their craft. This is the passion represented in their trademark.
Many of the ingredients are locally sourced. For instance, the large azuki beans are called Noto Dainagon, the premium quality roasted tea Kaga Boucha, Noto eggs, Oohama kinako (soybean powder), gold foil, etc. Being careful to retain the flavor of the ingredients to create delicious sweets. “Karinto manju” is an example of the dedication and care that goes into creating each product.

Karinto that is unadorned and standard Japanese sweets

In addition to “karinto manju”, there is a great selection of sweets that are ideal for gifting. There are several flavors of “Kanazawa karinto” such as “boucha”, vegetable, honey and Okinawa brown sugar, and are popular as gifts. It is served in the guest rooms at the Hyatt Centric Kanazawa which opened in August 2020. “Anyato Rusk” (thank you rusk), “Tono Dora”, “Seseragi Mochi”, “Suzu no shio Rusk”, Ishikawa Rice Castilla” and “Kaga Tea Castilla” are just a few examples of sweets that can add joy to your afternoon tea. There are now three stores in Kanazawa, Nonoshi and Toyama, making the delicious popular sweets available to many.


Karinto Rinya Kanazawa Main Store
2-302 Fujie Kita, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0345
TEL 076-266-2112
URL https://rinya.info/