Café by chef Tsujiguchi – CAFÉ DE H

Café by chef Tsujiguchi – CAFÉ DE H

A casual style that is comfortable
CAFÉ DE H opened in a very popular area of Kanazawa in 2019 and is a new business style under LE MUSEE DE H operated by Tsujiguchi Hiroaki in the Hokuriku region. Wanting to provide a more laid back setting, the café is partially self-serve.
Located near popular tourist spots such as the Kenrokuen Gardens and museums as well as an office district, it is located on the main street connecting the market and Korinbo. It offers a very stylish, bright exterior and an open floor plan that uses wooden textures in a chic style for guests to enjoy original beverages, sweets and even a light meal.

The best tasting “Riz Galette”
The most popular item on the menu is the soba based galette from the Brittany region in France. CAFÉ DE H makes the galette with a special blend of soba flour and rice flour, thus the name “Riz Galette”. It has the distinct aroma of a soba based galette with the texture of rice, earning high praise from Nakata. Each Riz Galette is carefully made by a skilled expert, using the very best select ingredients. There are savory flavors that are ideal for a light meal such as prosciutto and avocado, juicy sausages and plump shrimp, as well as sweet flavors that are filled with cream and seasonal fruit. The very popular “roasted banana” has caramelized bananas, and can’t be found elsewhere. Local ingredients such Suzu salt, Noto milk and special eggs are used in the galette and other items.

Great range of gifts
In store seating offers comfort and Wi-Fi access and all items are available to go. You can also purchase gift boxes of baked goods as well as “YUKIZURI”, the popular item from LE MUSEE DE H.
It has become a favorite for out of town visitors as well as locals, offering a casual way to enjoy great food or purchase gifts.


6-12 Minami-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
TEL 076-234-3773