Delicious! Dorayaki and other Japanese sweets ”Eigyokudo”

Delicious! Dorayaki and other Japanese sweets

Founding a great dorayaki place!

Eigyokudo is located one alley away from the main street of Yamagata. The sweets shop has a long history that goes back to the late Edo era. It was founded as a specialty sweets shop and some of their favorites include their “shiruko” sweet bean soup that is characterized by the not-too-sweet flavoring, and summer time shaved ice. You can taste other sweets like “kintsuba”, “dorayaki”, and “anmitusu” in the café space with “matcha” green tea. Highly visible as you walk into the shop, is the large showcase that displays many kinds of “dorayaki”.
The number one favorite at Eigyokudo is, without question, “dorayaki”. In addition to the normal red bean paste, there is chocolate filling, green tea and bean paste, as well as one with Camembert cheese filling. The popular flavors sell out soon after the shop opens. We too, had camembert cheese filling “dorayaki”. The dough was so soft and moist that just trying to break it in half could crush it, almost like sponge cake. Excellent combination with the firm tasting cheese filling.
In addition of the standard kinds, they sell various seasonal flavors and they accept reservations. We suggest you visit the shop when visiting Yamagata.


2-1- 45 Hatagomachi, Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture