Quaint hotel full of history – Numazu Club

Quaint hotel full of history – Numazu Club

Numazu city is located in the eastern region of Shizuoka prefecture and is at the base of Izu Peninsula. With a view of the magnificent Mt. Fuji and surrounded by Suruga Bay, it is nature’s treasure. The climate is mild, and the sun shines more than half of the year, making it a popular tourist destination. A ten minute drive from Numazu station takes you away from the bustle of the city, and you are enveloped in serenity. This is where the luxurious Numazu Club is located.

The property was designed by the second president of Miwa Soap Company, Zenbei Miwa, who borrowed a large plot of land to host elaborate tea parties. It served as a getaway for generals during WWII, and was used for meetings by politicians after the war. The building was renovated in 2006, and an annex designed by Akira Watanabe was added, when the property was reopened as the Senbon Matsu Numazu Club.

While the entire property is quite historic, in particular, the Japanese style “wakan” is designated as a national tangible cultural asset and is a mystic setting filled with the skills of masters. “Naguri shiage” is a technique that features beautiful patterns by combining different types of wood. “Amishiro ceiling” and “saobuchi ceiling” with decorative cross pieces give the interior a distinct character. The craftsmanship in the building is like a showroom displaying the skills of masters. Wakan currently houses a restaurant and library.

The building facing Wakan is the last building designed by Akira Watanabe. The exterior uses a special technique with layers of sand and dirt from Fuji River, giving it a very natural look. The roof features Yoshino cedar logs which are lined up so beautifully that it draws the eye. Skills of the master are everywhere you look.

There are 8 guest rooms each offering a different feel – the maisonette has a bedroom on the upper level, the relaxing Japanese style room has a water bowl on the first floor, the western style suite has a bedroom set apart from the living room as well as an open air bath. Each room is an intimate setting fusing traditional Japanese with modern touches.

The meals are a modern course based on traditional Japanese cuisine using delicacies such as wagyu from Tochigi and fresh local seafood. Immerse yourself in the seasonal faire in a historic “sukiya” style building.

There are historical landmarks near the hotel such as the Senbonmatsu Park, stone carved with a poem by Bokusui Wakayama, and one with a few lines written by Yasushi Inoue. Enjoy a leisurely walk in nature, feeling the breeze from the ocean as you come in touch with the works of literary greats who loved Numazu.

This is a hotel that will soothe your mind and soul, making you yearn for a return visit to Numazu.


Numazu Club
1907 Senbongorin, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka
TEL 055-954-6611
URL https://numazu-club.com/